About me


My name is Tania Lissova. Now I am 28 years old. I studied Architecture and Art at the university. But as it turned out, an architect is my education, but not my vocation.


I became interested in paper art in 2016. From then on, this was my life's work until 2022. Over these wonderful 6 years, hundreds of bright, incredible plants and flowers were created from paper, dozens of cozy botanical interiors, where everyone could find a reflection of their home, feel peace and warmth. In all my work I have always been inspired by my love of plants, design and green life.


My paper journey is currently on pause. It may not be forever. Currently, I am spending more time with my family and finding new supports in my life through my hobby of knitting.


 I hope that we will meet again soon.



Tania Lissova



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love you choice.


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