From the very beginning of my journey, I have made many single plants. It started with cacti, I was just obsessed with them. Then I started trying more complex green plants. Now I often make plants that I already know well - the general appearance of the plant and the size, the shape of the leaves and the patterns on them, the color. But this does not prevent me from modifying them. Because no matter how much I look at the same living plants, they are still unique.


Here you can see photos of the plants that I like the most.

Sometimes I make limited editions with the single plants that I love the most - Monstera, Sansevieria, Alokasia, Pilea, Epipremnum.

These little cards are dear to my heart.


All my paper plants that I do not use in my work, I keep in jewelry boxes, as if they are my treasures. Although they are.

I have three boxes - wild flowers, flowering plants, green plants.